Hello Internet,

  This is my website.


"Koda" is Scott William Dudley

Academic Degrees

BS in Computer Science
University of North Texas

  • President’s List / Dean’s List
  • Associates of Computing Machinery Member

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Social Computing, Distributed Systems
  • Global Development, Field Work
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Gaming and Mobile

Moby Games Profile

Unity3D and Unreal Engine

IoT & Robotics

Hack-A-Day Profile

Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Certified HAM Radio Technition: KI7APH

Web Development

MVC, REST, AWS, Github, SASS, Scrum, Responsive First

ICTD Masters Work

Information and Communication Technology for Development

  • OSS Volunteer DB Organizer
  • ODK Collect Deployment
  • Bitcoin and Remittance Research
  • Mesh Network Measurement Study
  • Tech Needs Assessment Study
  • Tech Training for Minority Women

Non-Profit Exposure

Executive Positions, Communications, IT Management, Field Research, and Event Organization

Art & Performance

Fire Poi Performer, Granted Festival Artist, Amateur Actor

From the Social Web

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