Scott ‘Koda’ Dudley

My given name is Scott. In some circles, folks call me Koda – a named derived from my great grandmother’s maiden last name of “Zaskoda”. Chances are you’re here because you already know me and you need to look something up about me. I suspect you’re probably most interested in my resume. I am currently seeking freelance Web development work while I finish graduate school. You also may simply be trying to find me, in which case, feel free to contact me.

A little about me: I like technology, nature, art, and adventure. My career spans a breadth of disciplines. I love to work with community. I created my first online community in 1994 and have founded and managed many more since. I also often work as a software developer. While I did work on a few videogames for consoles (XBox, Wii, PS2) and PC, mostly I have done Web centric work. Many of my more significant projects revolve around the design and development of large scale social software platforms for gaming communities. In more recent years, I’ve taken my passion for community offline and into the world of non-profits, development, and voluntarism. Meanwhile, I want to be outside most of the time.

Thanks for stopping by!