Scott ‘Koda’ Dudley

Who’s Koda? & Why does he have this website?

My given name is Scott. In some circles, folks call me Koda – a named derived from my great-grandmother’s maiden last name of “Zaskoda”. You may already know me and want to look something up about me. You may be interested in my resume. I am currently seeking freelance Web development work while I finish graduate school. Feel free to contact me.

Professional Background:  My career spans a breadth of disciplines but revolves around technology. I hold a B.S. in Computer Science. In addition to tech, I love to work with communities. I have often worked at the nexus of technology and community. My most significant projects have been the design and development of social software platforms for special interest virtual communities. I’ve helped launch platforms for communities ranging from health and fitness loving yogis to hardcore competitive gamers. In more recent years, I’ve taken my passion for community offline and into the world of non-profits, development, and voluntarism. I am currently volunteering at Burning Man as a final step in obtaining my Masters in ICTD from CU.

Other Stuff: While I am not professionally trained as an artist, I enjoy expressing myself artistically. I also like nature, travel, snowboarding, mountain biking, and adventure in general.

Thanks for stopping by!