Twitter Stats On Misogyny and Misandry

For those who may not know: misogyny is the hatred of women or girls while misandry is the hated of men or boys. I just did a little curious research regarding these two terms using Twitter search. My results are rather unscientific, but I invite you to do your own probing and see what you come up with.

My approach was simple. I did a series of 6 searches for specific words and phrases and took note of how old the last post on the first page was. There are always 15 entries on the front page. Thus, the age of the last entry gives you a concept of how often the word is used. If the last entry is 3 hours old, that means the word or phrase is used about 15 times in 3 hours. Simple enough. Lets begin.

Running vs Driving

Alright, I’m an advocate of not driving more than need be. I’m kind of lazy, so I’m not always a good advocate. However, you’ve got to use your body to keep it working. That’s the neat thing about a self-maintaining machine. Anyway, that said, let me get to my quick point. I’ve seen a number of comments from treehugger ecogeeks about the amount of calories a car consumes daily versus the amount of calories our bodies use. It’s interesting stuff, but there’s a point I see missing often times. Cars carry heavy stuff (if only itself) across long distances very quickly. So lets play with some numbers.

First, there’s this popular link over on GOOD showing the amount of calories in gasoline. Meanwhile there’s a considerably less popular link to NutriStrategy’s calories burned per exercise. From the first link, we know that gasoline has 31,268 calories per gallon. A Ford Escort gets upwards of 40mpg. Lets make the math easy and say it gets 31.268 mpg. (See what I did there?)

31,268 cpg / 31.268 mpg = 1,000 calories per mile

This car weighs almost 2,500lbs. The average American is slightly lighter. According to that NutriStrategy chart, running at 10mph for 1 hour burns 1126 calories for a 155lbs person. Can you run at 10mph for a full hour? Holy crap. Anyway, lets pretend you can. In 1 hour at 10mph, you’ll run (approximately, I’m no mathematician) 10 miles. (See, I’m doing it again.) So, lets do the math.

1126 c / 10m = 112.6 calories per mile

Neat.. so we’re looking at a car using somewhere between 8 and 9 times as many calories per mile. Now less toss weight in. The car was 2500lbs (not including the person) and our person is 155lbs.

2500lbs / 155lbs = 16.1

The car is moving the same amount of weight as 16 people. Now, you might say “but a lot of that car weight is the engine itself…” True, but the same is true for the human, no? So lets keep going a moment. Let see how many cpm per pound we’re using.

Car: 1000cpm / 2500 = 0.40 calories per mile per pound…

Human: 112.6 / 155 = 0.73 calories per mile per pound…

Assuming a car speed of around 60mph, that means a human uses almost twice as many calories per pound to move at 1/6th the speed of the car. That is assuming no extra load for either. Toss in another person or two and a couple of hundred pounds of gear, what do you think is the best way for you and your mates to travel over long distance?

Now that I’ve blogged in support of the automobile, I’d like to say that I’m not a big fan of America’s addiction to cars. I’d like to see better use of trains, actually. However, pretty pieces of art showing calorie use compared is kind of a load of crap. Speaking of crap, I wonder what kind of numbers you would get if you compared the emissions per calorie consumed for a car versus a human? Ewww….

Portable Video Wikipedia

How handy would this be? – A rich media based version of Wikipedia where all the content was video based. No, I don’t mean a flash website. I mean a huge organized archive of video clips that present useful information.

Now how cool would it be if you could sync your iPod style device to this database at any time and keep it up to date with the database?

As an example, you could hook it up to a GPS and it could tell you interesting things about where you’re at in the world. Imagine driving past a national monument and the kids in the back seat are treated to a history lesson on the flip down video screen.

Another example, you’re laying on your back with your significant other and looking at the stars. One of you asks about a constellation so you pause that romantic background music long enough to get the low down on those heavenly bodies.

The Last Saturday

Winter Park on ThanksgivingIt’s the last Saturday before our trip. I’d like to say that I’m stoked, but I’m actually a lot more confused. I woke up in a haze this morning trying to remember everything I need to get done before I go.

Yesterday broke me, as I spent the entire day fighting with and FedEx about the delivery – I mean misdelivery of my snowboard wheelie bag. The original mistake was mine – I didn’t noticed that the suite number of the delivery address was truncated by 1 digit. However, I’ve been desperately trying to update both parties with the new address. I kept getting re-assured that it’s all taken care of only to ultimately have been lied to. It was actually FedEx that lied to me – three different times. The last time they said my bag would be re-delivered to my office Monday morning. Good thing I followed up to make sure, as it turns out they sent the bag back to Overstock. Idiots. Honestly, I rarely see such an extreme level of incompetence as I’ve seen with Fedex in the past week. Overstock, on the other hand, was mostly cool about it. They’re only failures were not having a mechanism in place for me to fix the address on the shipment (I discovered the error almost immediately after placing the order) and for not having a mechanism in their system to overnight a product (they offered to send me another bag, but it would have gotten here after we all left).

*Deep breath*

The Fedex mess happened right after I got finished fixing my truck. I’ve had the transmission repaired three times now – this last time costing me about $700. This time, I honestly believe it’s fixed. That first shop screwed me pretty bad. Anyway, while picking the vehicle up, the battery expired. While I was replacing the battery, the clamp on the end of the battery cable fell apart. Almost $100 later, I could start my truck without a jump.

So by the end of the weekend I need to have found a board bag, possibly a helmet, checked all my equipment for anything that needs to be replaced, packed all my gear, cleaned up the apartment, return my parents truck (borrowed it while the Xterra was in the shop), purchased food for the trip making sure it all fits in the cooler, upgraded the kernel on my laptop (so my card reader will work) and I have no idea what else. The last thing I should be doing is wasting time on the Internet… *innocent look*

Please.. everyone out there in Internet land… put some positive energy out in my direction such that nothing else will break down or fall apart for the next few days… I just keep reminding myself, I’ll be snowboarding soon.

Pathetic SBC Presale Customer Service

I’m about to move, possibly making me a potential new customer for SBC Internet service. I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with one question.

“How much is the service.”

I called sales. The first service rep said he didn’t do Texas and transferred my call. I was transferred to an automated system where I could report outages, optionally in spanish. Once I got through the automated system and to an operator, I was transferred again.

The next rep informed me that I could get high speed DSL for as low as $14/month. Sweet! Then I asked what she meant by “as low as”… “bla bla bla 3 other optional services bla bla bla”… So if I have a telephone line, cable, and long distance… THEN it’s $14 a month. They sale packages.

“No, I just want the Internet please.”

“Ok, let me transfer you to the proper department.”

note: This is now the 5th transfer just to find out how much Inet access costs!

The last rep immediately answered $44.99/mn for high speed, $49.99 for ‘pro’ which is a tad faster.

I might be willing to pay that. In fact, I might even be willing to consider an all inclusive package so I’ll have cable and a landline. But to be transferred 5 times BEFORE they close a sale with a customer… what is service like AFTER the sale?!

How to NOT build community.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had an e-mail dialog with the organizer of a group for marketing. It all began shortly after I added the group to my list. I noticed several very pointed e-mails asking people to RSVP for the upcoming gathering. So, I submitted my RSVP. On the day of the meetup itself, I learned that if I attended the meetup – I would be there alone.

I would like to share with you the dialog I had with the group organizer. This, in my mind, is exactly how NOT to motivated people to get involved with a group.

From the organizer to me:

I am not coming out and hope you get this message since I don’t have your number to call. One person is not worth a meetup confirming. Please e-mail me back ideas so we can team up and talk outside of the group. Sorry for any inconvience.For you being dedicated enough to confirm I want to make assistant organizer of you want.

Xxxx Xxxx

From the organizer to the entire group:

I requested a e-mail at XXX@XXX and only got one response. So lets go for next thursday at the same time and hopefully a better response for confirmation. I am not doing this for free and paying 20 dollars literally to make this happen for fun. So next time you say yes and cancel there will be a 5 dollar fee for canceling. To use a place I need headcounts or to want to invite special guests I am not wasting their time either. If you dont pay the penalty fee you will be kicked out. You will be e-mailed my address to mail the fee as well.

From me to the organizer:

I wanted to let you know that this type of motivational approach really turns me off to the group altogether.

I don’t know how you would enforce a $5 cancellation fee, but I know that I will never pay one. I understand that you’re upset about the lack of participation in your group – but I don’t think threatening people who cancel is going to work to your benefit.

I think you’d be more successful if you found positive approaches to attract people to the meetings.

Just my $0.02. Best of luck.

From the organizer to me:

Dear Xxxx,
I run this group and will do what I want. If you want to be a member you will pay or get kicked out. You are a grown man with no fee to be here and I pay 20 dollars a month . So if you take my time and say you will be there . On top of that I make arrangements on a certain head count . In the end I look bad telling an owner one count and 2 show up. I have a busy schedule and am not doing this for fun or paying this fee hoping someone shows up. Thanks for your 2 cents ,but my word is final at all times. You being turned off is the least of my concerns . I need a devoted group not time takers.

You can probably already tell what is wrong with his approach. He’s bitter towards the very members he’s trying to recruit. His negative energy will continue to push people away from him. I believe his core fault is his attitude of entitlement. He seems to feel that people owe him their attendence because he’s invested his time and money in the group. This is the wrong attitude to have, and it will only lead to disappointment.

When you build your communities – either virtual or in the real world – do it for the joy and the fun. If you start with a “this better pay off” attitude, you’ve already failed.