The Last Saturday

Winter Park on ThanksgivingIt’s the last Saturday before our trip. I’d like to say that I’m stoked, but I’m actually a lot more confused. I woke up in a haze this morning trying to remember everything I need to get done before I go.

Yesterday broke me, as I spent the entire day fighting with and FedEx about the delivery – I mean misdelivery of my snowboard wheelie bag. The original mistake was mine – I didn’t noticed that the suite number of the delivery address was truncated by 1 digit. However, I’ve been desperately trying to update both parties with the new address. I kept getting re-assured that it’s all taken care of only to ultimately have been lied to. It was actually FedEx that lied to me – three different times. The last time they said my bag would be re-delivered to my office Monday morning. Good thing I followed up to make sure, as it turns out they sent the bag back to Overstock. Idiots. Honestly, I rarely see such an extreme level of incompetence as I’ve seen with Fedex in the past week. Overstock, on the other hand, was mostly cool about it. They’re only failures were not having a mechanism in place for me to fix the address on the shipment (I discovered the error almost immediately after placing the order) and for not having a mechanism in their system to overnight a product (they offered to send me another bag, but it would have gotten here after we all left).

*Deep breath*

The Fedex mess happened right after I got finished fixing my truck. I’ve had the transmission repaired three times now – this last time costing me about $700. This time, I honestly believe it’s fixed. That first shop screwed me pretty bad. Anyway, while picking the vehicle up, the battery expired. While I was replacing the battery, the clamp on the end of the battery cable fell apart. Almost $100 later, I could start my truck without a jump.

So by the end of the weekend I need to have found a board bag, possibly a helmet, checked all my equipment for anything that needs to be replaced, packed all my gear, cleaned up the apartment, return my parents truck (borrowed it while the Xterra was in the shop), purchased food for the trip making sure it all fits in the cooler, upgraded the kernel on my laptop (so my card reader will work) and I have no idea what else. The last thing I should be doing is wasting time on the Internet… *innocent look*

Please.. everyone out there in Internet land… put some positive energy out in my direction such that nothing else will break down or fall apart for the next few days… I just keep reminding myself, I’ll be snowboarding soon.