Pathetic SBC Presale Customer Service

I’m about to move, possibly making me a potential new customer for SBC Internet service. I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with one question.

“How much is the service.”

I called sales. The first service rep said he didn’t do Texas and transferred my call. I was transferred to an automated system where I could report outages, optionally in spanish. Once I got through the automated system and to an operator, I was transferred again.

The next rep informed me that I could get high speed DSL for as low as $14/month. Sweet! Then I asked what she meant by “as low as”… “bla bla bla 3 other optional services bla bla bla”… So if I have a telephone line, cable, and long distance… THEN it’s $14 a month. They sale packages.

“No, I just want the Internet please.”

“Ok, let me transfer you to the proper department.”

note: This is now the 5th transfer just to find out how much Inet access costs!

The last rep immediately answered $44.99/mn for high speed, $49.99 for ‘pro’ which is a tad faster.

I might be willing to pay that. In fact, I might even be willing to consider an all inclusive package so I’ll have cable and a landline. But to be transferred 5 times BEFORE they close a sale with a customer… what is service like AFTER the sale?!

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just read your comment on SBC. Typical I used to sell SBC business as an independant rep. Got tired of having to answer all the questions after the bill arrived about all those added charges. Sooooo for the past three years have been involved with a voip company I had to get cable internet but I cut out SBC/ATT altogether and didn’t have to go through their sales BS. I have had the service now for over 2years and love it. Wish I could find a cable company as simple as

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