1. Adam

    I am assuming you are referring to the typical, synthetic, household sponge and not an environmentally friendly, biodegradeable, non Triclosan laced aternative. If this assumption is wrong, please forgive me.

    I prefer dish rags. Easily laundered in the clothes washer, easily disinfected with a little bleach in the washer, and a hot dryer is not a habitable environment for bacteria and viruses.

    I’d actually love to see the carbon footprint of a rag vs. a sponge from their manufacture to demise.

  2. I’ve used natural sponges before, but I’ve been using the synthetic type for a while – guilty as charged. I’d feel guiltier if I didn’t typically get such a long use cycle out of a sponge. The natural ones also lack that brillo padish backside. I find the rough side to be very useful. Dish soap down the drain isn’t good for the water supply, but I do typically use something like 7th generation.

  3. InFovEin

    Getting employees at a game studio to obey clean kitchen rules is akin to trying to end violence in the middle east.

  4. Klous

    I scary that some people don’t know this.

  5. Kaisar

    pls read honey

  6. Ebony

    Eeewww maggots in a sponge!!!! How could ppl not know to clean there sponges properly and to use one on the kitchen bathroom and cat dish ??? oooooo nooooo SMH super grose

  7. Rich

    We are talking about guys Vs. girls here. I’ve been leaving the sponge in the sink my whole life and have never gotten sick from it. Rarely do I catch a cold. If you injest germs your body becomes more immune. If you want to chew guys out for being guys go be a lesbian.

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