Bernie Endorsed Hillary

546495100-bernie-sanders-introduces-presumptive-democratic.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeBernie told us when he entered the race as a Democrat much of what he was and wasn’t going to do. He said that he would not run against the Democratic party. He also said that he would endorse Hillary if she won. I trust Bernie because he has consistently been faithful to his word. Had he not made these agreements, the DNC never would have given him room on the stage and he never would have been able to connect with so many people. He has been, and still is, doing all he can to impact positive change. And, technically, it’s still possible (tho unlikely) that the nomination could somehow swing in his favor at the convention.

But Bernie won’t be running as an Independent against Hillary this year. If he did, he would be breaking his word – the thing that has so many of us supporting him in the first place, right? What he is doing is more powerful than running outside of the system; he is directly influencing the Democratic platform and agenda. Maybe not enough for some of us, but it’s still amazingly awesome.

Bernie has a way of always showing up on the right side of history. That’s because he’s been fighting hard for a long time. So long as the Democratic party continues to honor their agreements with Sanders, he should honor his agreements to them. Knowing what bits I do of his history, that seems like exactly what he would do right now. And he did offer his endorsement of Hillar. I can only respect him for it, even if I am terribly disappointed overall.

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