Electing The 99%, an open letter….

Dear 99%,

Hi. I’ve been paying attention to Occupy Wall Street. This evening, I had a chat with my girlfriend about the spontaneous eruption of democracy that is Occupy Wall Street. We had an idea I have to share with the rest of the 99% out there.

We create a new party where candidates agree to a much more specific job role during their political term. They would agree to:

  • Inform the public of their progress as real time as possible. For example: live stream all meetings, post materials related to all votes, post video updates multiple times a day, etc.
  • Vote on all issues using popular vote. Use some yet-to-be-built voting platform to collect votes from anyone who wishes to cast a vote. Something as reliable as Reddit or Digg is enough, and I have no doubt we could build something significantly better. I want to see something completely open source and distributed in nature.
That’s it… inform and act based on popular vote. It’s not bullet proof and it won’t stop corruption, but it would shift the balance of power to the people in a dramatic way. We just have to build the software and elect a few honest people who are good at communicating.
Hoping to hear back,

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