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  1. Scott Farrell

    Rick Perry is a hypocrite. I like him on some issues, but make no mistake, he is only saying that so he can secure his position as governor once again in 2010.

    As for the rest of the country and worlds opinion on Texas, well, I could care less. Why is it that so many people are moving to Texas if opinions of us are so low? I’m guessing it’s the previously mentioned perks, such as no income tax, and an economy that is holding up well. People in Austin rock. You can start a conversation with almost anyone, anywhere, and 9 times of 10 it will be warm and friendly.

    Every place has its problems, and I think it really just comes down to typical stereotyping. I for one do not intend to live elsewhere. I’m quite happy right here in Texas.

    Finally, Geroge W. Bush is not from Texas! :P

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