The Next Big Thing In Mobile

It’s an old idea that has yet to see the light of day. I’ve heard more than one person talk about it and I’ve fantasized about how to implement it myself a few times. I’m finally confident that it’s inevitable.

Look at the current generation of mobile devices. While these devices do not “live up to the dream” of mobile computing, they are rapidly evolving in that direction. Here’s a day in the life of a future mobile device.

Your device is sitting in a magnetic cradle where it is connected via bluetooth to your media center. When the alarm goes off, the media center plays a soothing beach track to wake you up. As you wake up, you tap the top of your device and say “weather”. As you finish getting up, the day’s weather forecast is played through your media center. You shower, dress, grab your device and head out the door.

Walking up to your car, you tap out a few menus on your device’s perfectly fluid multi-touchscreen user interface. By doing this, you’ve remotely unlocked your car and started your engine. This also started a bluetooth connection that enabled the bluetooth GPS antenna to boost your device’s performance as well as a bluetooth connection to the car radio. After resting your device on the car’s magnetic cradle, you tap the top of your device and say “news”. While driving to work, you issue a variety of voice commands such as “local” and “technology” to guide the news reporting. Today you’ve decided to listen to the latest BBC podcasts and live streams.

Once at work, you sit at your desk and pull up your tablet computer. In the bottom of the computer there’s a rectangular bay that perfectly fits your mobile device. You drop your mobile device into place and the tablet prompts you for a passcode. This passcode requires turning circles on the screen in a combination pattern. Once logged in, the tablet computer interfaces with our mobile device. The tablet can now use the networking capabilities of your mobile device. All of your personal files are now accessible by the tablet computer including those stored on a cloud. The mobile device works as an authentication system for online services. With your mobile device plugged in, when you go to Facebook, you are automatically identified via your mobile device.

Enough of the story, but you get the idea. Your mobile device will become what your wallet is today. It will also become what your

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