I Got A Snowboard Bag

Athlon Board BagWell, after far too much drama trying to get that Demon Wheelie bag… I’ve settled on a solution. After spending some time looking around froogle, the deal on the Demon bag wasn’t even that great. Maybe Fedex’s inability to deliver a package was for the best. I ended up getting a cheap little Athlon bag (no wheels, no padding) for $20 flat. I don’t know if I’d want my board to fly on a plane in this bag – but for this bus trip, I think it’s perfect. I got two boards, my boots, and most of my snow gear in the bag. What I couldn’t fit in my new board bag I was easily able to put in my pack. About 1/5 of my pack is this really fluffy hooded robe I insisted on bringing. All things considered, it’s a waste of space. However, if I can squeeze it in, it sure is nice to wear back and forth from the hot tub. Anyway, I tried to research the Athlon bag and there’s not a ton of them out there. It’s pretty minimalistic, but it does what I need it to do and it will get me through these hard times. Two more work days and then I’m headed out.