14 Days and Counting

Wil Filming JP in some deep powder.Well, I’ve got about 14 days until the snowboarding trip. A friend of mine linked me to and entry on Wil Everts’ blog called Day 45: Morning Commute. She sent me there to see the video on the page… knowing it would get me stoked for my trip. The first part is some snazzy lift riding (hard core to the bone, lemme tell ya)… but then, they go DOWN the mountain. For something so simple, it sure was wonderful. No crazy freestyle tricks or nutty grinds… just a wonderful run through some rather deep powder. And really, the powder was the star of this video. See the snap shot I took from the end of the video? That’s either Wil or his friend Wil’s friend JP. See the powder all over him? That’s not from falling down.

I can’t wait to go. I’ve been with my gym routine for 4 weeks now. This last time, I had a voice in my head encouraging me by talking about the snowboarding trip… so I over did it a little and I’m very sore. This made me realize that after this week, I should probably stop with the heavy weight lifting. I don’t think I’d have much fun if my body hurts before I even get there. So next week will be lots of cardio and lots of lighter reps.

I still need to get that helmet, snowboard bag, and video camera. I really want the video camera, but it might just be beyond my budget this year. Here’s hoping… if not, maybe I can borrow one from work. Anyway, I gotta get back to imagining myself in 4 feet of powder… I mean work.. err.. something.


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