Texas Snowboarding: Coolzone Winterplex

Coolzone Winterplex Sketch 2Remember when I said how great it would be if Texas had an artificial park? Well, it’s happening! The plans are to finish the park by 2008. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the park is just ‘proposed’ or if it’s funded and under way. I will have to try to find out.

The place is called Coolzone Winterplex. I’ve heard that it’s an indoor place. Given our summer heat, this may very well be a good idea. I must admit, I can’t imagine riding inside.

SnowflexI was also right about what material would be used. It is indeed Snowflex. Check out this CBS video announcement about the park. I was a little surprised to hear that there was nothing like this in the world. I know Europe has enjoyed Snowflex parks for a while. I wonder if our park is going to offer something new and different – other than the rather annoying notion that it’s a theme park. I’ll have to get beyond that real fast though, because I’m going to be able to snowboard in my own backyard!


Coolzone Winterplex Sketch 1

Here’s the press release from March:

March 27, 2006
Year-round winter sports park planned for Dallas

Thinkwell Design & Production, Baker Leisure Group and McGillivray Consulting Group are among those on board for a winter-themed entertainment venue and sports park planned to open in Dallas in late 2008.

The $375 million Coolzone Winterplex project, which organizers say will be the world’s first year-round, indoor-outdoor winter sports theme park, anticipates 1.6 million-2 million visitors per year.

Coolzone Winterplex is in the process of raising capital. The Bearfire Group, formed in late 2004 as the general partner for the project, has enlisted former Congressman Dick Armey to assist in these efforts.

“This is a very exciting and innovative project and will be another economic boost to North Texas,” the former House Majority Leader said in a statement. “And besides, I can’t wait to hit the slopes in Dallas!”

The Winterplex will use Snowflex, a technology developed by Briton Engineering in Great Britain. Snowflex is in use at some Olympic training parks, and in Europe, the public is skiing outdoors year round, organizers said. Snowflex incorporates a hydrogenated, multilayered skiing mat that mimics real packed powder.

Designs call for the Winterplex to resemble an alpine skiing village with hotel accommodations, fine dining and retail. The park’s main attraction will be a 60-acre, 20-story outdoor ski and snowboard mountain complete with chairlifts and a snowboard park with competition halfpipe, toboggan and ski tubing.

The park will also feature two ice rinks, an outdoor ice trail, a winter wonderland for children with snow, an outdoor concert venue, rock climbing and rides.

Bearfire Group said it is talking with a “major motion picture studio” to use its intellectual property to theme a portion of the park.

Baker Leisure Group, responsible for such high-profile venues as Coca-Cola’s Olympic City at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta and Al Shallal, the largest theme park in the Middle East, developed the feasibility study and business plan. It will provide operational consulting and management for the park. McGillivray will serve as project manager for this attraction.

Thinkwell’s projects include the recently announced iPort, part of Harrah’s Entertainment’s bid for the resort-casino project in Singapore. Kirk Design, which worked on Tokyo DisneySea among its many projects, is also involved with Winterplex.



why at fort worth?
should be in like at plano or something…
i was hoping it
now i have to drive an hour!!!


Whats the current status on bearfire resort? is it still opening this year?


This will be called bearfire resort and due to economy issues it has been delayed.

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