A New Season of Changes

My new Burton Custom 162 It’s been a long time since I posted. I have a few quick things to talk about.My New Board: Burton CustomI finally replaced my old Kemper board. I recently bought an ’05 Burton Custom 162. I would have preferred an Arbor, but they’re hard to find and I snagged the Burton with bindings (Burton Cartel) for under $500. It seemed like a good deal. The best price I’ve seen on froogle for the board and bindings is $570 (and as high as $710) before tax and shipping. I’m having a frustrating time trying to get the bindings set just right for my boots – but I’ll get it all just right. These are my first toe-in bindings so I’m excited about trying them out.

Upcoming Trip: Crusty Butt

Last New Years I hit Crested Butte, Colorado for New Years. I’ll be headed back the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to give my new board it’s first run! I will also be planning another New Years trip this season – but I haven’t decided where I’m off to yet. I wish I could justify the cost of Lake Tahoe. I’m also hoping to squeeze one more trip in this season, probably some time near spring break.

New Movie: First Decent

There’s a movie coming out called First Decent. It looks like it could potentially be good, even though the website kind of sucks. I’m hoping it feels something like Dogtown. The trailer and the site give me the impression that it covers the early days of snowboarding. I don’t know how historically accurate it will be, but it has some big names in it including Shaun White, Hanna Teter, Shawn Farmer, Nick Perata, and Terje Haakonsen. (There’s a longer/different trailer available on myspace.)

The Big Announcement: Snowtripping

Even though I’ve failed to update this site regularly, I still seem to get a lot of traffic. This inspires me. I fail to update this site because I built it from scratch, and never got around to building it so that it’s easy to update. In my first post to this site I said that I expected to reorganize the site and evolve it form a journal into something more. Well, the good news is, I am indeed making this happen. The new site, which I’m currently working on, will live at SnowTripping.com. Unlike this site, it’s not going to be all about me… instead, this new site will be a full blown community site. If you want to be alerted via e-mail when the new site goes live, drop me a note on the contact form. Details to come…

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