It’s snowing, and I’m at work.

Tyrol Ski and Snowboard Area in WisconsinI’m in Wisconsin, tomorrow is $10 Tuesdays at Tyrol Basin, and there’s fresh snow falling right now… But I’m at the office right now and I have to be at work tomorrow. Gee, look at all that fresh snow… that I’m not going to ride in.This is the first entry for my new Web site dedicated to a sport I’m slowly falling in love with, snowboarding. This site will evolve as time passes. It will begin as a cross between a news page and a personal journal. I will be posting snowboarding related information as I find and learn it. I will also be tossing in a lot of personal stories and perspectives. Much of this information will likely be flawed, or better yet, useless. However, after I begin to reach a critical mass of good content, I will begin breaking that content down into appropriate sections for the site.

But this site isn’t for you so much as it is for me. I am new to snowboarding, but I’m not new to Web work. This site is my chance to record and grow my knowledge of snowboarding in a medium I’m very familiar with. Additionally, I’m using the development of this new site as an opportunity to explore and improve on some techniques that I have neglected in the past few years, such as XHTML and CSS2.

In an effort to keep my posts short and frequent, I will wait until later to follow up with a little more information about me, my snowboarding history, and some of the things I’ve learned up until now.

Edit on 10/29/09: I’ve merged my “iRide” snowboarding blog into my main blog on

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