56 Days in 07/08

You know you’re snowboarding late in the season when, on the way up to the slopes, you pass a van with kayaks on top and see people river rafting along […]

I got a few turns in yesterday. Velzy and I headed up to A-Basin. The previous night only brought an inch of fresh snow and things were turning so slushy […]

Well, even though it’s halfway through May, the snow continues to fall. Velzy and I rode A-Basin yesterday. We had a little more than 5 fresh inches of snow overnight […]

When the snow started falling last night, I knew I’d done the right thing. I spent the past few days trying to get ahead. This morning, Breckenridge was reporting 10 […]

Well, as luck would have it, my first day at Vail was the last day of the season. It got pretty crazy. Folks were shuck’n clothes and drinking heavy. They […]