My Own Social Media History

There’s a silly link going around to see if someone was on Twitter before Oprah. Seeing the link today, I started doing something I’ve thought about for a while. I did a quick audit of some of the social sites I belong to and referenced when I joined. I also looked at some of my other social media activity in the process. It was surprisingly hard to find some of the information. For example, I can’t seem to find my Facebook join date. The oldest related date I could find was the oldest profile pic I still have up. Anyway, here’s the dirt:

Where When Reference Method
Facebook 7/5/2007 Oldest Profile Pic
Twitter 6/19/2007 First Tweet
Tribe 2/21/2007 Profile Join Date
YouTube 12/11/2006 Profile Join Date
Flickr 10/4/2005 Oldest Image Online
LinkedIn 8/3/2005 Profile Join Date
MySpace 9/17/2004 Profile Join Date
Blogging 1/26/2004 Oldest post online (once I started calling it blogging).
MeetUp 1/20/2004 Profile Join Date
Live Journal 12/30/2003 Profile Join Date
Usenet 9/17/1996 Oldest post I found on google groups.
Blogging 8/8/1996 Oldest post still online (didn’t call it a blog then).

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