Live From Dundee

DundeeSo the new company has me out in Dundee, Scotland to meet the dev team. We caught a flight out of Denver around 5pm yesterday (Sunday) and we rolled right into the office here after checking into our hotel. *yawn*

We flew into London and then hopped over to Edingurgh. I missed a lot of the scenery on the drive into Dundee as I was nodding off from time to time. I saw a huge bridge, I’ll have to look that up later. I saw a castle that is now a prison. As expected, much of the architecture is old and snazzy.

I think this trip might make for a nifty Flickr set. We still haven’t eaten. Other than lots of fish and chips, I’m not sure what to expect from the food. Right now I’m living off of coffee.

The attached photo is from the 3rd floor hall window of our hotel. The whole place is like an Ikea demo. It’s rather well designed, actually. The bathroom door latches in two positions; one position closes off the toilet while the other seals the entire bathroom. The room is just neat.

I managed to take a quick (very quick) shower before heading out. As the mirrors began to fog up, a valentine message started to show. I could read “I heart…” but the name wasn’t clear. I’ll try to snag a photo later.