Fall Is Here

Fall Comes and Snow Is CollectingWe’re still a week from the fall equinox, but I’ve started noticing a lot of trees turning gold here. The attached photo was taken this past weekend. The snow is starting to collect at the highest peaks. I drove through a small storm on the way to Steamboat Springs.

I can’t believe that the summer is really coming to an end. I’ve accomplished much of what I’ve set out to do:

  • I saw Alaska, and before it all melted from global warming!
  • I attended Burning Man and it really did change my life.
  • I tried out a kayak, and that thing is wobblier than I thought.
  • I got in another surf trip, and I finally got the hang of paddling.
  • I went backpacking, and survived in the woods for 4 days.
  • I started a company, and I escaped the 9 to 5 grind.
  • I got a fly reel, and I’m learning to fly fish.

There were a number of other goals I failed to get to. I had wanted to eat better and work out more. I’m not comfortable in my new kitchen and haven’t really been cooking good meals. My constant travel is keeping me from developing any kind of fitness routine; but I suppose that’s kind of an excuse. I had planned to rock climb outdoors and have not yet. I also planned to do downhill mountain biking. I may get to that soon, I have until the 21st. Time is running out for summer activities.

I still have to make a trip to Mexico. I think it may get in the way of my early season. I don’t expect to take this season as seriously as last. However, there’s a chance I may find myself in Steamboat Springs and working on a snowboarding related web project.

I can’t wait to start making some turns.

(PS – this post went live a little late… had some server problems…)