Steamboat Bound

Steamboat Springs on 11/7/06

It would seem that I’m headed to Steamboat Springs, CO! I’ve heard about Steamboat for years, and now I’m finally going to get to check it out. It’s the place Wil from ran off to. Just watch his videos for a while and you’ll get all fuzzy warm inside dreaming about the powder drenched descents.

Now that I’ve got another trip planned, I’m back in the gym. My last gym day was 11/21 – the day before we left on the Winter Park trip. If you count the trip as exercise (and it was!) then that’s just over 2 weeks of slacking. In those two weeks, I’ve consume more food than I like to think about. I guess my metabolism is high, because I can’t seem to get full. Tonight I got on the scale to see if all the consumption had done damage. I weighed in at 171lbs – I think I was 172lbs when I left for Winter Park. Go me!

I don’t really have a fitness ‘program’, but I’ve developed some habits. For a bit more information on snowboarding fitness programs, you can check out the fitness post on hitting kickers. He’s also got a few other exercise related posts. There are also a few snowboarding fitness posts on I might try detailing my own routine in a future post.

Enough about fitness, I’m excited to talk about something else – methods of travel. That is, specifically in relation to the upcoming Steamboat trip. I’m going with someone I should probably call out as my bestest friend in the universe. She really wants to fly there. Best tickets we can find last minute are around $450 and airport transfer is around $40. I want to drive. This is, in part, because fuel costs will run about $300 – saving us at least $700. It’s also because, tonight I decided I need to trade my Xterra in. We’ve had this long thread about the perfect snowtripping vehicle on I posted every vehicle I would consider owning and have been researching them all. At the end of it all, I can’t find another vehicle that seems to best the Xterra in total package. So, I think I’ll get another one. I think taking a road trip to Steamboat Springs is an excellent way to break in my new ride.