Here We Go, Off To Winter Park

Don't Look BackIt’s the day of the trip – finally. It’s always been the day of the trip, in my mind. It’s approaching on 11:00. I was up early this morning. I cooked myself a yummy breakfast, washed all the dishes, cleaned the counters, washed up the laundry, and took out the trash. I’ve got most of my stuff packed aside from the food items. I’ve printed my map to the bus stop. I’ve got snacks set aside for the trip. Folks should start showing up in a couple of hours.

I can’t decide on taking the laptop. If I bring it, then I have a place to dump photos and movies off of the camera – meaning I can take a lot more video than I normally would. I would also have lots of movies I could watch in the evenings. Having the movies almost encourages me not to take it. If there is Internet access from the resort, it sure would be nice to post a photo and update while I’m there. I guess I’ll decide at the last minute.

Of all the things to be haunting my mind, I keep thinking about someone who’s not going with us. Anyway, I’ve still got to pack up the cooler when my friends get here with their stuff and then I’m ready to hit the road. Another weird thing haunting my mind, I don’t feel like I want to come back. I haven’t even left yet, and I’m not looking forward to coming home. At least I got the apartment cleaned up a little before we left. I suppose I could use the next hour to wash all my bedding. It sure is nice coming home to clean sheets.