Days Left: 1

Winter Park Web Cam ShotOne more day of work, and then tomorrow I leave. Only somewhere between 6% and 10% of Winter Park is likely to be open. I was hoping for a little bit more snow, but I’ll still have just as much fun. Just checked the weather. Wunderground thinks there’s a 20% chance of snow on Thursday and Friday. thinks there’s a 10% chance. If you noticed, next week it starts ramping up to a 40% chance. I’ve noticed over the years that the big dumps like to come right AFTER Thanksgiving. It’s funny how it works like that.

I’d like to thank everyone that comes by my journal, but most of you are google searchers. I sometimes wonder if anyone is subscribed to my RSS feeds. Maybe I should start playing with that Feedburner stuff. You know, I just recently started seeing revenue on this site from the google ads. This week I’ve raked in nearly $2. That’s like $8 a month! That almost pays for a GoDaddy hosting account. This encourages me to talk about things that would attract ad clickers. Although, if I did that, I’d be a sell out. But, I guess having the ads in the first place kinda makes me a sell out… Last month I got about 5,500 page loads and I’ve already had more than 5,000 this month. My traffic ramps up during the season, and my more frequent posting seems to be increasing traffic. I wonder if any ‘real’ sponsor would be interested in replacing my google ads with something a little more targeted? That sure would be nice as I’d feel a lot better about promoting a product I actually like rather than random text ads assigned by google.

Anyway… off to work for one last day… and tonight I finish packing.