Winter Park Turning White

Winter Park SnowShuweeeet! I’ve been bummed at the lack of white on the Winter Park cams lately… Finally, today, we noticed the snow… f’n shuweeeet! I’ve been bouncing around the office since I found out! I’m stoked.

Must.. calm down.. must… do … work …

ACK! Check it out: OVERALL SITUATION TODAY – A low pressure system starts dropping in from the northwest with significant snowfall commencing today, and continuing through tonight. Significant snowfall is expected everywhere (that we cover), with today being the big snow day, not Saturday as moisture decreases some then. Isolated thunderstorms with some hail are expected today also.

Woo hoo! Oh yeah… those wooden structures in the picture. I don’t know what those are, but I’ve been watching them… they seem to be reproducing because it started off as just a few and now there are many. Hmmm….

Anyway… I gotta work. :(