Shout Out: afterbang*

Afterbang WebsiteI wanted to give a shout out to Gavin Hope over at afterbang*. He had some kind things to say about my site, many thanks. And yes, I am still working on the new site. I’ve even tried enlisting some help recently. It’s been more than a year now and I keep getting distracted by other projects. With the season coming on, I’m getting stoked about getting to work on the site.

So, to return the favor, I wanted to say a few words about afterbang. First of all, I had no idea what an afterbang was. If you don’t know, I suggest you read and find out. Gavin is a far more frequent poster than I am, although I am picking up some speed these days. In addition to some interesting posts including such fun things as xrays of his broken shoulder, Gavin also gives us some yummy video links and reviews of stuff including DVDs, equipment, lessons, and accomidations. Good stuff. It’s also fun knowing that Gavin is enjoying this sport way over on the other side of the planet from me. That makes me smile.