Site Update – Switching CMS

Me learning to snowboard.I used to run this site on a custom set of scripts. I hate to change the site as it was the ‘first’ thing I did to get back into web development after the bubble popped. However, it was dated and it was also clear that I do not have time to finish writing the extra features I always dreamed I would. Thus, I’ve replaced my scripts with WordPress.

It took about 5 hours to install the software, reskin a theme, port all the posts and make the site live. The end result looks much like the old site with added features such as an RSS feed, comments, and other default WordPress goodies.

This is not the only CMS I’m exploring. I’m also looking at Joomla and Drupal for other projects. I’m surprised how well evolved interfaces for CMS tools have become. Anyway, I may switch this site again later, should I decide I prefer one of the other tools.

This relates to this site because, unlike before, now I can update remotely. I failed to write any nice management tools for the old site and had been making updates via phpMyAdmin and uploading images via WinSCP. I COULD do it remotely, it was just a real chore. The improved image managment is one of the biggest wins for me right now. I’ve still got some things to tweak, such as clean URLs. I’ll get to it. And, I’ll probably post more often.

Not to let a post fly without at least one image, attached is a shot from my first snowboarding trip. Such wonderful pain! :D