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The bunny slope at Angelfire MountainI’ve collected a handful of links to general snowboarding Web sites. These are mostly portal/community/zine style sites. I bring them to you in no particular order, enjoy! :
This is the largest/most active snowboarding community site I’ve found. I have to give the site credit for providing great community features such as an active forum, email accounts, member photo galleries, and other goodies. The site also has tons of content including resort specific information, tips on tricks, art and humor. On the flip side, the site does bog down with a lot of ads including pop-ups. You can get a paid membership to remove the pop-ups, or you can just download mozilla/firebird and use the build-in pop-up blocker. My only other complaint about the site is the community itself. After spending a little time on the message board, I didn’t feel like there was much to be gained from hanging around. :
This site is designed in a template style, the other sites fitting this template can be found at and include surfing, wake boarding, and skateboarding. The site does offer a forum with a mildly active community, but that’s not the focus of this site. Here you’ll find place to buy gear and movies, information on upcoming events, and well written articles and how-to’s. :
In addition to snowboarding, covers mt. biking, hiking, climbing, and more. The snowboarding section keeps tabs on the latest happenings in the sport and keeps track of some of the best riders around the world. They also have a lot of Xterra ads… which I totally accept because I drive an Xterra and love it! :
(aka I only recently found this site. I should have explored this site a little more before I offered it up, but it seems like a nice comprehensive site. One note, the initial load time on dial-up sucks! (Hence why I haven’t explored it more, I can’t wait to get back on broadband.) Anyway, the site offers content for both the industry (biz side) and the sport (fun side). Community features include both chat and message boards as well as as a classifieds section. :
My first reaction was “what? 2? dude, can’t you come up with a better URL?” Raising the 2 up to superscript in the logo as if it’s “squared” seemed to ease the mental trauma it initially caused me. Anyway, about the site, it fits the classic community model much like the phpNuke scene. The site has a company directory, snow cams, videos, chat, forum, etc. The forum seems to stay active and the site looks to stay well updated.

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