Donald Trump Doesn’t Like You

I mentioned that I don’t much like Hillary Clinton. She managed to lose the Presidential election to this really useless and rather egotistical fella named Donald Trump. These were our “candidates” for the 2016 Presidential Election. Since Donald’s narrow victory, the citizens of our divided nation have been arguing at some length about how and why it went down the way that it did. I have opinions, but that is not why I write today. Besides, that conversation has been so very intense, I’m not sure what new perspective I could possibly add.

Rather, another thought occurred to me and I thought I’d tell everyone: Donald Trump doesn’t like you.

There’s no more direct way to put it. Every registered Democrat will roll their eyes saying, “like, obviously.” That part IS obvious. Trump enjoys enraging Democrats. This message isn’t really as important for you to hear. That includes Liberals and Progressives in general. So you Bernie supporters, Greens, and Socialists get lumped into that “like, obviously” category.

With those folks out of the way, on to all of you Republicans including those who actually voted for Trump: Donald Trump doesn’t like you either. I think a bunch of you know this already. He’s gone back and forth on his word enough that all kinds of Conservatives and Libertarians – even the rather hateful alt-righters – can feel it. Donald Trump doesn’t like you.

Generally, anyone who has a sincere political belief they believe would lead to a better world for all falls into the “like, obviously” category.

So who is this message really for? It’s for the trolls. It’s for those who got kicks out of playing the game. It’s for all of the souls who needed to feel empowerment so badly they jumped on the Trump bandwagon as a middle finger to the world they hate. It’s for the builders of botnets, the scribes of digital theatrics, and the every-day run-of-the-mill 4chan lurker turned social media warrior with a vengeance. Donald Trump doesn’t like any of you. He’s not proud of you. He’s not making decisions on your behalf. You see, Donald Trump used you. He manipulated you like animals. He used your hurt, your passion, your frustration and anger, your weakness and your strength, and your brilliant potential. He gave you something you needed, something everyone really deserves I think, a reason to wake up each day and participate in life. And you did it. Collectively, all of you helped change the course of history and this moment will be remembered forever. But by the way, Donald Trump still doesn’t like you. He doesn’t care about you.

I’m sorry I had to tell you. I’m a little upset and I’m not sure I like you either, but I think all of us deserve better – including.. no, especially you.


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