Fit For The Burn, Twenty O’ Nine, 24 Days Progress Photo

1to24_compareSo I’ve been at this fitness thing for 24 days now. After the gym this evening, I decided to take another set of photos and check them out side by side from where I started. I had no idea I’d put on so much weight. Even now, looking at the Day 1 photo, I feel like I was really losing control. I suppose, in a way, it’s a sign that I was enjoying life. I’ve been in a new relationship, have a pretty stable job, and have gotten fairly comfortable.

Still, I’ve been down this road before and it’s important to me to be mindful of my level of fitness. More so than the weight gain, I was really unhappy with my endurance when I started. The first week of this fitness push really hurt me. I haven’t been that out of shape in years. While I want to say that it’s nice to be back, I honestly don’t feel I’m “back” yet. I’m still feeling rather unaccomplished.

According to the gym scales, tonight I weighted in at about 172lbs. My weight, for the past few years, has always floated around the 165lbs +/- 5 range. According to those gyme scales, since day 2 of this routine I’ve lost a mere 6lbs. That’s less than 2lbs a week. However, my clothes are fitting differently and my frame is looking different, as can be seen in the attached photo. I believe that a significant part of the difference in the photos is due to muscle tightening back up. My overall strength has definitely increased a bit.

I’m curious about what’s going on as my Target scale was reading well over 180 (I believe it hit 185) near the beginning. A few times I’ve weighted in around 168. I don’t know why it would vary so much more than the gym scale. Perhaps my weight changes through the day? The scales at the gym are like those at the doctor’s office, with the sliding weights. I would assume that those scales must be more accurate.

I had hoped to hit 165 before Burning Man. I don’t think I’ll be dropping 7 pounds in the next two days. I can only assume I’m eating too many calories. Today I had my cereal for breakfast, a large salad (no dressing) for lunch, and an energy bar for dinner. That and some beef jerky were the only calories I consumed. Still, I didn’t snack on raw veggies but instead crammed a rather large salad down quickly at lunch. In my experience, continual snacking seems to go a long way.

I don’t know that I’ll lose any pounds at Burning Man; however I can’t imagine that I will gain any. Our camp has regular meals of healthy food. With the heat and constant activity, I expect I’ll burn calories. This fitness effort was intended to get me to Burning Man, but I think I’ll keep pushing hard for a while when I get back. The snowboarding season is coming on in just a few months and I want to be in solid physical shape when the time comes.

I’m a bit ashamed to post these photos, but after spending a whole day with pink hair recently (long story), I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Regardless, they’re here for the record. I look forward to posting something more significant somewhere down the line. I still would like to develop that 6-pack I’ve never been able to obtain.

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