Why Having A Job Makes Me Sad

I love getting a paycheck. I even like having responsibilities… But right now I’m getting dressed for work – in fact, I even have only one shoe on as I type this. While putting the shoe on, I reached up and shook the mouse at my desktop to leave the screen saver and see what my iGoogle homepage was reporting.

Sure enough: 3 new inches at Vail and A-Basin, 4 new inches at Breck and Keystone, and 5 new inches at Wolf Creek. It’s 8:30 now, lifts open at 9. I stopped futzing with my shoes to write this post. It’s sort of a quiet protest. By the time I get my cup of coffee and get settled in at my desk, folks will be taking the first lifts up for the day and cutting into some freshies.

Normally, it wouldn’t bother me so much – but this season we’ve had pretty crappy conditions. It’s also been over two weeks since I’ve ridden, and I’m none too happy about that. Anyway, I gotta tie my shoes now. Then, I’m off to work.

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