Day 53: 9 Fresh Inches

Somewhere Near A-BasinWell, even though it’s halfway through May, the snow continues to fall. Velzy and I rode A-Basin yesterday. We had a little more than 5 fresh inches of snow overnight and a bit more than 3 fresh inches from the day before. The snow was wet and heavy and a tad sticky. I prefer fluffy dry powder, but I’ll definitely smile about any freshies this time of year. In fact, there was something kinda fun about the sticky snow. On the really steep slopes, your terminal velocity is much lower – meaning you can bomb steeper stuff while feeling more in control.

The weather was great. It was bright and sunny. Occasionally the wind would blow, but for the most part the day was calm. I thought I was leaving for Mexico this morning, but our flight got bumped until Wednesday. I almost ran out to A-Basin again this morning to meet Jayne and Jay, but I got up a little too late. I may have to head out for some runs tomorrow instead.

As a side note, yesterday’s riding brings the total number of days I’ve snowboarded – ever – to 89. Hitting 100 days ever was my ‘second’ goal of the season and I’m 11 days short. With the Basin closing in early June, I could make this goal – but with a trip to Mexico this week, it would be tight. As for 100 days this season? Haa haa haa… maybe next! But I’ll keep posting about each day until the bitter end.

47 days left…

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  1. Wild. We had fresh on Sunday in Washington. Can’t figure it out. It is mid-May. Wild.

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