My Kemper Storm 156

Kemper Storm 156cm SnowboardI was digging around on google trying to find information on my old Kemper board (aka, the beater board). I’m pretty sure I got it in the spring of 01 so it’s probably either an 01 or an 00. It’s a Kemper Storm 156cm. It’s the first board I’ve owned, the board I learned on, and it’s been pretty good to me. I was a little sad to see that there weren’t any pictures of it online. I guess it’s just that old. Anyway, since google image search yielded no images of the Storm, I figured I’d take a picture of mine and put it online. While I found no pics, I did manage to find one short review:

this is a really good board! i bought it about a year ago and i only had to get it refinished once. the flex is increditable and its strong! i was doing stupid things with my friends and i saw a little jump so i tryed a frontflip over it and got my tail stuck in the ground. i thought that was the end of the good old kemper but when i can down on it, it flung the snow and dirt up! its very strong! and this board carves great and handles even better in the air! i can spin my 540s alot my clean. they use to be all skechy. its not the lights board but i like that. i would tell anyone thats a pretty good boarder to buy this board.

No award for grammar there… but I agree. It’s a fairly light board considering the age. It’s also very strong. And, oddly enough, I didn’t have to get this board waxed for years. I sorta left it outside for a winter and the edges started to rust so I finally did get it waxed and edged. Afterwards, it was slower than ever before. Maybe it was just a bad wax job, but I had to get several coats of wax put on to get it back to the same performance level it was at after years of riding without waxing. Strange.

It was cheap – boots, board and bindings were around $250. It’s a crap board compared to my 05 Burton Custom, but I don’t think I would have known the difference when I was first learning to ride… and besides, 4 years is a huge gap in snowboard technology. The Storm has taken a lot of abuse and I still loan it out for friends to ride – usually to learn on. Since it’s a bit shorter than my Custom (156 vs 162) and considerably more worn – I’m probably going to use it mostly as a park board from now on.



can you send me a pic of the bottom….im looking into buying one and want to c the other side


yeah can you send me a picture of the bottom if you get a chance im looking into getting one

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